async-std is a community project open to contribution.

The primary way to contribute to async-std is to use it and encourage other people to use it. Please let us know of any issues that you may find, however big and small. Higher-level feedback can be given here. Fixed and improvements to any of our repositories are highly welcome.

As async programming is a topic that needs good understanding, contributions to our learning materials and examples collection are highly appreciated!

Also, contributions to our dependencies are very helpful and bring the whole ecosystem forward!

Getting Started

Use async-std and async-task on an existing project.

Dive deeper into the ecosystem by integrating your libraries on async-std.


Join the conversation on Discord to discuss anything related to async-std.


Look for issues marked with help wanted. That’s a sign that a unit of work is up for grabs. We also label issues as beginner friendly.

Before diving into larger code contributions, it’s best to check in on chat or post a comment on the relevant GitHub issue to let others know you’re interested and ensure you understand the context.

Code of Conduct

The async-std project adheres to the Contributor Covenant